SAP BW Controlling Models and Reports

Problems you might face...

  • The controlling team is overcharged
  • Analysts cannot focus on business questions because they do data manipulations
  • It's hard to develop new reports because the team creates reports manually
  • Everybody has problem with the inflexible reports
  • Business Processes fall out of control
  • A new, strong competitor entered your market
  • Your company shows low performance, you lose market share

Why to start this project?

  • Robust Plan-Actual reports are the base of the succesful tactics
  • Develop your business faster and measure and control your performance with ease
  • Give an efficient database to your controllers
  • Develop a new business strategy and test it
  • Increase your market share by learning your market and your processes
  • Simulate new opportunities with your controlling database and increase your revenue
  • Controllers are your business advisors, don't overcharge them with data manipulations

What do we offer as a result?

  • Consolidated Monthly P and L reports
  • Flexible analysis of contribution margin by companies, organizational units or products
  • Easy reconciliation of IFRS and local P and L structures
  • Reporting in different currencies or in different versions
  • Automated report broadcasting to business unit managers
  • Homogenous quality controlling database
  • Benchmark your company and test your strategy with external market data


Custom Solution

We provide this project as a tailor-made solution. Therefore we want to meet you so that we can size your project corresponding to your need and system environment.

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