SAP BW Remodeling for Large Scale Data Load

Problems you might face...

  • Having Data Warehouse with size >1 TB
  • Experiencing a Regular Data Load >4 hours
  • Running Regular Reports >1 minute
  • Having a not scalable Data Model
  • Having an inflexible Data Model
  • Reloading is impossible

Why to start this project?

  • Make your Data always available when You need it
  • Solve more business challenges than before
  • Keep your BW Administration Costs efficient
  • Ensure Quality of your Data

What do we offer as a result?

  • Run your reports 20-30 times faster
  • Load your data 20-30 times faster
  • Enhance and Reload your cubes easily
  • Build your Data Warehouse faster
  • Enhance your reports easily and in a flexible way
  • Enhance your database easily


Custom Solution

We provide this project as a tailor-made solution. Therefore we want to meet you so that we can size your project corresponding to your need and system environment.

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