Performance Improvement of Planning Processes

Problems you might face...

  • Having many users running many planning jobs
  • Planning processes fall out of control
  • Slow planning layouts
  • Administration Costs for Planning are high
  • Runtime of Planning Processes is not transparent
  • Having memory shortdumps during execution of Planning Functions
  • Version, company selections for Planning Functions are not transparent
  • Reference Data is not available in time for planning
  • Planning Processes generate high amount of data

Why to start this project?

  • Simulate more planning scenarios in a given time period
  • Optimize the Administration Costs for planning
  • Move the focus on creating new planning methods
  • Ensure the availability of plan and reference data
  • Ensure trust in your Planning System by avoiding slow processes and shortdumps
  • Ensure the agility of your Planning Team
  • Significantly reduce the stress on the Planning and IT Team

What do we offer as a result?

  • Monitor easily the runtime of your planning processes
  • Find and manage slow Planning Functions
  • Run your Planning Functions 20-30 times faster
  • Make your planning layouts responsive
  • Avoid memory problems
  • Track easily what and who runs the processes


Custom Solution

We provide this project as a tailor-made solution. Therefore we want to meet you so that we can size your project corresponding to your need and system environment.

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