Boost up your ABAP code!

Problems you might face...

  • Having ABAP programs running long periods of time
  • Having complex and heavy database queries
  • Loop inside of loop inside of loop inside of loop...
  • Wasting system resources unnecessarily
  • Having memory shortdumps during execution of ABAP programs

Why to start this project?

  • Run your ABAP programs faster and your business also
  • Reduce the pressure on the database
  • Reduce the iterations to minimum needed
  • Improve the trust of your system by avoiding slow processes and shortdumps

What do we offer as a result?

  • Refactor your code using Performance Best Practices
  • Find and manage slow parts in your code
  • Optimize your database queries



$ 5 per line of source code
  • Up to 500 lines
  • Optimized Source Code


$ 3 per line of source code
  • 5000+ lines
  • Optimized Source Code
  • Performance Diagnostic Report
  • 8 hours Technical Consulting